Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Seamless Terrazzo

Nothing beats terrazzo in the realm of “green” flooring.  The first terrazzo-like floors were created nearly 9,000 years ago in the Middle East and they still exist today with a compressive strength of nearly 500 pounds per square inch.  Cementations terrazzo floors still stand in many buildings throughout ancient Venice, including at least one installed as early as 1309. 

These renaissance era floors utilized pre-customer waste chips from marble slab processing operations, making them one of the original recycled products.  Our modern cementations terrazzo flooring is almost indistinguishable from the ancient terrazzo. 

Modern technology and the advert of polymers have led to epoxy terrazzo flooring systems which are even more sustainable and durable than cement terrazzo floors.  Additionally, with epoxy terrazzo we now have the option to incorporate post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content such as glass, into timeless terrazzo floors. 

Terazzo is a non-porous system with no grout joints.  Terrazzo does not support microbial growth and does not allow accumulation of water.  It absorbs water at a rate 1/100th that of cementations terrazzo, resulting in greatly increased stain resistance.  This lack of water absorption and porosity results in a surface requiring only minimal cleaning processes, without the need for use or harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Since terrazzo is monolithic and does not contain grout joints, there is no need for energy-intensive vacuuming, grout cleaning or steam cleaning which is required with materials such as carpet and tile. These advantages in hygiene result in an overall improvement of the indoor air quality of buildings. 

Terrazzo flooring is an exquisite seamless and very popular flooring system available in a variety of colours to suit all tastes and pallets.  They are the ultimate indulgence and make an impressive visual statement.  Terrazzo floors can be installed throughout the home, retail premises, commercial premises and industrial environments.  They offer exquisite design possibilities are modern and contemporary, hygienic, low maintenance, durable, long lasting and highly scratch resistant.