Artificial Grass for Lawns

When looking for artificial grass NIG have a wide range of realistic artificial grass ranging from 12mm pile all the way up to 37mm we have a range to suit all budgets and requirements, if you want your lawn or garden to look good all year round then our artificial grass can solve that problem, from the largest of dogs running around to the children playing football in the garden, the problems of burnt patches of grass where the dog has been, or muddy areas where the children play enjoying the British weather.

The challenge is to keep the children in when it has been raining as the garden gets water logged, artificial grass NIG will solve the issue and give you back your garden in the most challenging weather enjoy your garden/ lawn 365 days a year.

Never need to mow the lawn pull out weeds or feed the lawn ever again with NIG artificial grass range, they all come with minimum guarantee of 5 years some come with 15 years pet friendly child safe UV stable