Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Flooring

When a resin flooring system is not an option, there is still a way to make your concrete floors stand out! Concrete polishing enhances the natural beauty of concrete.  Our process involves densifying the concrete with impregnating hardeners and grinding with diamond tooling.  Through this process we can achieve high shine, attractive, durable finishes for your existing concrete - without installing a coating.

At Northern Resin Flooring we take great pride in providing customized solutions to meet our customers needs.  We will visit your facility, assess your space, listen to your needs and make recommendations accordingly.  While your floor coatings are a phenomenal way to protect your flooring investment, polished concrete floors are another way to enhance your space and increase the durability for your flooring.

Polished concrete has a high shine which brightens a room, adds light to a workspace and creates a much more professional and sophisticated looking facility.

Whether you have chosen polished concrete for your aircraft hangar, manufacturing facility, distribution facility, warehouse or home you can count on Northern Resin Flooring to dramatically improve your space.

The final product is a permanent showcase of our work.  We are therefore passionately dedicated to ensure that the final product is truly spectacular.

 With Northern Resin Flooring you have the benefit of:

Our experience: Thirty years of providing flooring solutions to customers across a wide range of industries.  We are dedicated, detail-oriented and absolutely steadfast in our pursuit of superior results at all times.

Our service: A dedication to making sure our customers get the best products, cutting edge processes, great prices and a service that is second to none!  Our commitment to our customers is demonstrated through our free consultations, flexible service schedule which includes weekends and holidays.

Let Northern Resin Flooring help you with your concrete polishing project.  Our experience, skill and attention to detail will ensure that your polished concrete floors are everything you expected them to be.