Resin Bounded

Resin Bounded 

ResPave Resin Bonded Surfacing (or "scattercoat")

ResPave bonded surfacing creates the look of natural aggregate without the mess of loose gravel.  It can also be  applied onto cold, damp surfaces.

Resin bonded paving system is a layer of resin applied to a suitable surface and covered with loose aggregates and when cured the remaining loose stones are removed.  The thickness of this system is governed by the size of the aggregate.

It is;

Available in a wide range of colours and size aggregates,

Low maintenance,

Long lasting (Life expectancy of 10 years in most environments).

A joint-less surface which ensures no trip hazards,

Low maintenance and durable,
No weed maintenance,

Slip resistant.

 As the product is a scatter system wear can occur so therefore  we only offer a  5 year guarantee planning laws apply to this product as it is not porous.