Resin Flake Systems

Northern Resin Flooring offer a number of different flake systems.  Flake systems comprise of either a self smoothing or roller coat resin, with PVA, metallic or pearlescent flake broadcast onto the wet resin during the resin application. Once cured this is then sealed with a clear sealer.  This creates the effect of a highly decorative, yet slip resistant, surface that is ideal for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. The level of slip resistance can be changed by putting more or less sealer coats onto the flake.  This means that you can have perfectly smooth areas in non-wet areas, and a higher slip resistance profile in wet area, without much difference in looks.

Traditional Flake System

Northern Resin Flooring Ltd offer traditional flake systems which are single or mixed colour blend flake finishes. Ideal for retail or domestic use.  This system can be used throughout the project area to create a decorative floor coating, or in wet areas to create a slip resistant surface that complements the rest of the project.

Contemporary Flake System

Contemporary flake systems are mixed blends of vibrant coloured flake, glitter flake or pearlescent flake. This creates a fantastic, decorative surface with slip resistant properties. Unlike traditional flake systems, where the flakes are all approximately the same size and rough cut shape, contemporary flakes are available in a variety of sizes and geometric shapes.  The option to add metallic, holographic and pearlescent flakes make a dramatic counterpoint to the base colours which makes this system ideal for high end retail stores and domestic properties that want to make a statement.

Glitter Systems

Glitter systems are a self smoothing system with metallic or holographic glitter flake loosely broadcast onto the surface and then sealed with a gloss sealer. Unlike the traditional and contemporary flake systems which completely cover the surface, glitter systems show the base resin, retaining its smooth finish. Although due to the smoothness of this system, caution must be used in areas that may become wet.  The glitter system is ideal in both retail and domestic situations.

This product can be used in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels. The possibilities are endless.  If you can imagine it, we can create it!  We can design logos for entrance ways or lay designs which cover the entire surface area.