Rubber Crumb

Rubber Crumb Playground

Rubber crumb surfaces are manufactured using recycled tyres which makes them an environmentally friendly product. Rubber crumb is available in various colour combinations.  It is mixed with a single component resin to create an individual design, calculated to conform to fall height requirements.

Rubber crumb;

  • meets safety standards
  • brings your surface to life
  • has a smooth finish
  • is UV stable
  • is fast to install
  • is extremely durable and hard wearing
  • is maintenance free
  • is flexible

Rubber crumb is an ideal surface for any area where there is a risk of falling, as it is a shock resistant surface. For example;

  • children's play areas
  • school sports areas
  • nurseries
  • athletic tracks
  • paths
  • driveways
  • golf course bunkers

The advantage of having a rubber crumb surface is that it is;

  • one of the safest surfaces on the market today
  • useable in all weather
  • vandal resistant
  • fast draining
  • extremely durable and cost effective