Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a unique bound-in solution that gives a beautiful, natural bark appearance. The environmental benefits of 100% recycled rubber bark make it far superior than organic mulches.

Rubber mulch;

  • effectively controls weeds
  • does not absorb water or nutrients
  • discourages cats, dogs, slugs and snails
  • will not rot or blow away
  • enhances woodlands or sensitive areas such as tree roots
  • does not require digging or any sub- base material
  • is extremely cost effective

Rubber mulch is an ideal, alternative    surface to be used where there is a risk of people falling, in places like:

  • driveways
  • nurseries
  • children's play areas
  • athletic tracks
  • paths
  • schools.

The advantage of having a rubber mulch is that it is;

  • one of the safest surfaces on the market today
  • useable in all weather
  • fast draining
  • extremely durable
  • cost effective